You Could Be A Cop / Amid the Old Wounds 12″ [black vinyl]

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more of that killer dreamy emo from you could be a cop, such a great band. strong early rainer maria vibes on this stuff. amid the old wounds is Daniel from Wishes on a Plane, bringing 4 songs of acoustic emo. 3 old forgotten songs remade for 2021 plus a no use for a name cover (!)

the records have RPM speed numbers handstamped onto the center labels (33 for ycbac, 45 for atow) and come in a beautifully designed cut-and-past-collage-style gatefold cover, created by chaz hewitt, known for his artwork for human hands and you could be a cop’s first physical release, the self titled 12″ EP from 2017

coreleased with:
friend club records (US)
time as a color (GER)
adagio830 (GER))
slow down records (NOR)
motorpool records (JAP)

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