no action / amid the old wounds – split 7″ [green vinyl]


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how much have you missed no action? turns out daniel at time as a color did too, so he hit them up for this killer split 7″. no action have 2. the first one is a quickfire blast of that sweet hated / husker du / evergreen (fast songs) emo blend that you know and love them for. monument to taste is a different sound, more of a post punk thing perhaps. less direct but hints of what could yet be to come from this band. amid the old wounds deliver a perfectly neat sice of their acoustic emo. guitar and voice. lovely.

as ever daniel poured his soul into this one, with hand made DIY covers.

this was coreleased with magic hour records (aus), rufen publishings (jap), softseed music (usa/can), time as a color (ger), polar summer (rus) and salto mortale music (slv)

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