King Slender – Gold Days 12″ LP


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king slender drop the hammer here with a whirlwind lp of emo that blasts me right back. it’s the kind of music that inspired sncl to become a thing in the first place way back in the early 2000s. to these tired ears this recalls bands such as life at these speeds and REDS, or if you want to dip back slightly further, 400 Years. tightly wound melodies, yelled vocals, driving guitars, tick tick tick. what you have here is a collection 9 jammers that will have you shaking along and tapping your chest. if you’re looking for pedigree then you’ll find that members have spent time in similar outfits such as five stars for failure and the sea the sea. good luck finding anyone else doing this in 2023 that gets it as much as these folks do.

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