Elliott Green x Futurina – post marked stamps #5 CD


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“Elliott Green” A singer/songwriter based in Seattle, Washington. Using acoustic and reverb guitars, she shares her personal story of love, loss, and struggles with mental illness and addiction. Her dark atmosphere is reminiscent of artists such as Doshi Morita, Jurien Baker, and Nico, and she also has the charm of Eddie Reader of Faire ground Attraction. She is releasing an album on Count Your Lucky stars in January 2023.

“Futurina” is a 4-piece female post-rock band based in Kumamoto, Japan. This is their first physical release in the post marked stamps series. The four-piece ensemble and pastoral melodies feel very fresh in 2023, as if backed by the influence of 90s emo and post-rock such as American Foodball and Rainer Maria. In the summer of 2022, four members who met in NAVARO through their activities in different bands formed the band at a riverside in Kurogami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, in order to save the future of Vo./Gt. Rina, who dreams of somewhere other than here. Influenced by the post-hardcore/emo/indie rock of the 90’s to the 00’s, their music sounds neither bright nor dark.

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