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Your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy statement outlines the information we collect from our users, how this information is used and how you can contact us should you require further information regarding our policies. To assist users in making informed decisions about how to use our products, services and website, there is a link to this notice on every page of this website.

The information we collect

This notice applies to all information collected on the website. On some pages of this website you can purchase products, register to receive e-mail updates or contact us. The following is the information that may be collected from one or more of these pages:

e-mail address
first name
last name
ip address (to monitor and protect our server from malicious use)
user preferences (whether you choose to receive e-mail updates, etc)
telephone number (for use when you order requires tracking)
your order history

At no time is your credit card or other personal information stored on our server. All purchases made on this website are handled securely by PayPal, Inc through the PayPal website.

The way we use information

We use the information you provide only for the inherent purpose for which you have submitted it.

We retain e-mail addresses for contacting those users who have requested to receive updates about our website. You will only receive such e-mails from us if you have specifically selected that you desire to receive them. You can opt out of receiving these e-mails by following the remove me from the mailing list link in any e-mail or by contacting support.

At no time will any of your information ever be shared with a third party.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please feel free to contact us at any time at

Deleting you from the database

Please contact us at so your details can be removed from our database.
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1 x Eagle Has Landed - s/t 7"
1 x Dimples - Heaven Blotted Regions 7"
1 x Beau Navire / Republic of Dreams - split 7"
1 x Bright Side - Wanderer 7"
1 x Butter Up Band / Scarecrow Frequency - split 7"
1 x Amid the Old Wounds - Vignette 7"
1 x daydream fit / dotlights / lorraine / duct hearts - split 7"
1 x Blanche Blanche Blanche - Scam 7"
1 x El Eje Del Mäl / Inquiry Last Scenery - split 7"
1 x Duct Hearts / Laube - split 7"
1 x Brick Mower - Why Are We Doing This 7"?
1 x Dottie Danger - Bolshoye Obrechye cd
1 x Perfect Future - s/t : cd
1 x Without Maps - Where the Wires Ran 10"
1 x Belka - Ermitage 12" lp
1 x Parting - Unmake Me 10"
1 x Coil Guns / Nvrvd - split 10"
1 x Bailer - Sing It Like A Victim : cd
1 x Sugartown Cabaret - This is a Split 10"
1 x Seila Chiara - River 10"
1 x Closer - Within One Stem 12" lp [clear]
1 x Plaids / XAXAXA - split 10"
1 x the Undercurrent - Ghost : cd
1 x Orlacs Hande - s/t : cdr
1 x Coma Regalia - The Mirror 11" lp
1 x Esconder Micara / Ire - split 10"
1 x Teeth of Mammals / Narwhal / PTPS / Kias Fansuri 10"
1 x Alameda - Seasons / Spectres CD
1 x the Mock Heroic - Dignified Exits : cd
1 x Cassus - This is Dead Art 12" lp
1 x Adorno / Sugartown Cabaret - split 12"
1 x City of Caterpillar - Driving Spain Up A Wall 12 EP
1 x Bailer - Sing it Like A Victim 12" lp
1 x Adem & The Informant -Selling Our Faces ... - split 12"
1 x Cody Noon - Ace of Wands 12" lp
1 x Duct Hearts - Feathers cd
1 x Bad Vision - Turn Out Your Sockets 12" lp
1 x Jovontaes / the NEC split 10"
1 x AttackRobotAttack / Break Character - split 10"
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