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welcome to the sncl

it’s a new store! please contact me if you see anything broken or weird.

welcome to sncl, a UK based record distro that has been running since, ooh, 2001 i do believe. i stock mostly emo, punk, hardcore and indie, and generally on vinyl. this is a DIY endeavour, stuff will get sent out within a week of you ordering it and i am happy to hold your records for a while if you can’t pay right away. i hope i keep the prices fair and i hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

i also help bands i like release records. below is a list of records i have been involved with past, present and future. there’s been a lot of stuff along the way, and hopefully more to come.

i am interested in trades, though you should get an idea of the kind of stuff i carry from my releases below. i am definitely happy to sell your distro my stuff at wholesale rates! either way, get in touch via any of those weird icons on the right.

If you’d like to be on the sncl mailing list for early updates of new releases and stock, you can subscribe via the form, which is also on the right.